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Discover Your GLOW!

The Glow Program - 4 Steps to Self-Discovery

My signature approach to self-discovery is The GLOW Program, which is designed as a gentle journey leading from struggle, to awareness, to healing, to action.

With one-on-one coaching, I'll guide you through the process of learning about and appreciating who you are, so you can make strong choices and walk towards a rewarding life. 

GLOW Step 1 - Get to Know You

OBJECTIVE: To become aware of who you are, and to uncover and understand the how’s and why’s of your actions, thoughts, and emotions. 

How do I know I need self-awareness?

  • You have it all, but feel something is missing 

  • Your emotions rule your day, time, and energy

  • You feel stuck and unsure of what you want in life

  • You are ALWAYS there for everyone, but unable to ask for and receive help

  • Self-doubt and fear have such a strong grip on you that you’re scared to take risks

What will I learn in step 1?

  • Dig deep to discover who you are – strengths, weaknesses, likes, dislikes

  • Unpack and eliminate destructive patterns  

  • Eliminate self-limiting beliefs and create a positive mindset

  • Design a plan to pursue the life you desire

  • Have clarity about your purpose 


GLOW Step 2 – Love Yourself

OBJECTIVE: To create a sense of unconditional love for yourself, so you can take care of your own needs, approach life with courage, and accept that you are lovable.


How do I know I need self-love?

  • You lack self-confidence

  • You are hard on yourself and let your inner bully rule

  • You believe your negative chatter

  • You feel insignificant and out of place 

  • You have self-sabotage behaviors


What will I learn in step 2?

  • Develop new affirmative beliefs and self-confidence

  • Learn to release the past pains, and embrace forgiveness

  • Learn to make decisions and set boundaries

  • Have the courage to be assertive  

  • Accept you are lovable and worthy of a happy life


GLOW Step 3 – Optimize Your Value KNOW Your Worth

OBJECTIVE: To internally accept that you are worthy of love and are enough. Feeling your value and self-worth is essential to living the life you desire.

How do I know I Lack Self-Worth?

  • When you make a mistake, you beat yourself up

  • Do, say or wear things to be liked or loved

  • You are afraid of being alone

  • Obsessed with what people think of you

  •  Feel incompetent, unloved, or inadequate


What Will I learn in Step 3

  • Feel worthy of love, respect, success, and happiness

  • Forgive yourself and others

  • Learn to master your emotions

  • Accept responsibility for thoughts, feelings and actions

  • Stop comparing self to others


GLOW Step 4 – Welcome Self-Respect

To welcome self-respect means to treat yourself with love, appreciation, kindness, patience, and gentleness. Its making a commitment to meet your own needs and desires, to recognize your worth, and make choices that empower you. Self-respect is necessary to work through life’s trials, build resilience, and keep your sanity. 

How will I know I Need Self-Respect?

  • It’s hard for you to say “no”

  • You downplay your wins, talents, and character

  • You have no idea how to stand up for your wants and needs 

  • In relationships you sacrifice you needs to keep peace

  • Allow your past pains and wounds to define who you are


What Will I learn in Step 4

  • Master your emotions

  • How to stand up for yourself

  • How to stop changing who you are to accommodate other people.

  • Stop saying yes to things you don’t want to do

  • Create time and energy to do activities that make you happy. 

*** If you are currently in therapy consult with your therapist to see if this is the right time to pursue Self-Discovery coaching.  Your healing comes first.

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