Who Is Rosita?

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Passionate About Inspiring & Empowering Others

Transitioning into something new isn’t always surrounded by happiness or clarity. Sometimes it’s the result of big changes in your life. Like the loss of a loved one, a divorce, a change in financial circumstances, a new marriage- essentially wherever there is a desperate need for a new beginning. One thing that is constant in life - there will always be change! It is how we maneuver through the changes that will make the difference.

I understand and have experienced the various transitions in life as I am the 12th child of 14.

Yes, you read that right. Yes, from the same mom and dad. Being the 12th child gave me a front row seat of every personality type possible. I watched all the communication styles. I witnessed their relationships and conflicts. I learned by watching. I helped by listening, supporting and not being judgmental. This experience has proven to be invaluable when I had to face my own pain – whether imposed or self-inflicted.

Throughout my life I've had heartbreaks, chaos and pain. I did not understand me nor love me. My pain infected many of my choices and kept me imprisoned. Later in my journey, I was fed up with the pain and was committed to removing this pain. It got real when I asked myself, "should I stay in the pain I'm familiar with or unpack childhood pains and traumas?" Throughout my life I have showed up for everyone else and NOW is the time to show up for myself. Side note: We cannot heal until we invest in ourselves and do the deep digging to obtain healing. So, I showed up for me and began my healing journey.


Part of my journey was facing me - the good, the bad and not so pretty parts of me. This is a tall order, and I KNEW I could not face this alone. I needed and decided to deepen my relationship with God. This softened my heart and gave me courage to face whatever was to come.  

Next, I worked with a therapist and healing ministries to unpack childhood wounds. I learned how to forgive myself and others. Lots of humility and courage. I studied, learned myself and discovered who "Rosita" is. I cultivated new ideas like, I have always had a choice and I am very much responsible for my own healing. Once I accepted these concepts and surrendered to God, this is when my true healing begun. 

Once during a painful moment, I remember someone telling me, "Everything happens for a reason" and I began to believe my pain is for a specific purpose. In retrospect, since I was in my 30's, I've been the person that others would come to and talk about their heartaches, relationships, parenting and their life problems. Now I see it is bigger than me. It is my life purpose! In 2021, I decided to make it official and earned my certification as a life coach.  

My journey has been painful. BUT, I am so glad I showed up for me and committed to healing. My healing allows me to operate from a place of authenticity and love. I am stronger and braver. I have discovered my purpose in life, I have found my way home and I know who Rosita is. 

In healing, I have been blessed with empathy, compassion to listen and help women navigate so they can discover their way home. ​My vision is to walk with women - out of their pain into their purpose. So, they too can discover their true value, accept their distinct beauty and move forward to walk intentionally free every day!   

License ~ Certification ~ Education 
  • Certified Life Coach, Life Purpose Institute 

  • Licensed REALTOR, California Dept of Real Estate

  • Master of Arts, Management, University of Redlands 

  • Bachelor of Arts, Organizational Leadership