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Who Is Rosita?

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Hello lovely!

I am Rosita. I am a woman, mom, grandmom, and sister. I am also the Founder of Moving Forward For Life, a Self-Discovery Life Coach and Realtor.


I have spent decades of my life unaware of the masks I wore to be accepted, liked, and even loved. Unknowingly I severed ties to the core of who I am.


Inside, I felt like I was in a battle, combatting the pain that had stacked up over the years suppressing who I really was. I was exhausted. I now understand I was fighting to BE ME, to FREE the woman I really am.

​​I’ve spent the past 10 years unpacking it all and coming into the light. I’ve faced my pain, my mistakes, and my traumas. I’ve grieved the loss of parents and marriages and forgiven those who have hurt me. I’ve healed and discovered my way back home to me.  


I share my story of pain AND healing to help you understand you are not alone and that it is possible to move past the pain into your purpose! 


While I have a great support system, I realized having a coach to process my emotions, to help me understand my needs, and keep me accountable to moving forward would have been beneficial! That’s when I decided I will be the coach and offer support for women yearning to be free!   Women, like me, who were lost and feel stuck. Women who can’t seem to connect with themselves - the core of who they are.   


​My passion is to walk with you. We’ll work together to find your authentic self, discover your true value, accept your distinct beauty.

Life may have led you in wild directions, but inside you are a woman who wants to emerge from the weight of all that baggage, negative self-talk, and misdirection. 

Now it’s your turn. I would love to help you emerge from the darkness through self-discovery, self-love, and setting you on the path of fulfillment.  


Until we can talk, remember YOU are one of a kind * YOU are POWERFUL * YOU are worth it!

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Certification ~ Education 

  • Certified Life Coach, Life Purpose Institute 

  • Master of Arts, Management, University of Redlands 

  • Bachelor of Arts, Organizational Leadership

Be Seen ~ Be Heard ~ Be YOU!
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