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I am Rosita. I am like most women. I wear many hats, like mom, Nana, sister, REALTOR,

Self-Discovery Coach and Founder of Moving Forward For Life/Moving Forward with

Faith. And like some women. I learned early to place everyone's needs before my own.

That belief in itself is a good belief, however, I did not learn how to incorporate time

to nurture myself, understand my needs, or process my emotions. So, I unknowingly

stuffed my pain down deeper and deeper. This led me to build a protective wall

around my heart to minimize any chance of being hurt. 

Over a couple of decades, I noticed a deep pain and emptiness that infected my

decisions. Little did I know, I was slowly disconnecting from the core of who I truly am. 

I was in an epic battle, fighting against the pain that had been stacking up for

decades and suffocating my true self. It was exhausting!! I tried everything to heal and almost gave up. I decided to try church and slowly, with God, I gained the courage to unpack and face my pain, my mistakes, and my traumas. I've grieved the loss of loved ones and forgave those who have deeply hurt me. And most importantly, I've found my way back home to ME!! 

Here's the thing, I knew I could NOT have accomplished this on my own. I was blessed with a strong support system of people in my life. I worked with a coach who helped me process my emotions, understand my needs, and hold me accountable to move forward. And honestly, the only thing that finally broke down my walls of protection is my relationship and faith in Jesus.  

And now, I have a passion to help other women, so you know that you're not alone and that it is absolutely possible to move past the pain and step into your purpose.

I discovered my purpose - Self-Discovery coach. I offer support to women who are yearning to be free. Women who feel lost and stuck. Women who have been searching for that connection with themselves - the core of who they truly are.

As a Self-Discovery coach, my focus is empowering women in midlife who may be navigating challenges in their personal relationships and grappling with issues of identity and confidence. My deepest desire is to see women embrace a life of fulfillment, purpose, and unwavering courage.


How do I plan to achieve this? Well, I'll let you in on a little secret—it involves sharing the strategies and insights that have personally set me free. Through a blend of practical tools, heartfelt guidance, and yes, a touch of faith, I aim to support you on your journey. It's important to note that I'm not here to impose my beliefs on you or push you into any particular faith. That's not my mission. My purpose is to assist you and offer what has worked for me, leaving the ultimate decision-making power in your hands. You have the freedom to choose what resonates with you and what you're comfortable implementing on your path to empowerment.

I would be honored to join you on your journey and witness your transformation into a beautiful butterfly, ready to soar without constraints. As you embark on the journey of self-discovery, learning to embrace and love yourself, I'll be there to support you every step of the way. Together, we'll chart a course toward genuine fulfillment and freedom.


Always remember - YOU are one of a kind, YOU are POWERFUL, and YOU are absolutely worth it!

Let's do this together!! Take care, and I can't wait to connect with you soon!

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Certification ~ Education 

  • Certified Life Coach, Life Purpose Institute 

  • Master of Arts, Management, University of Redlands 

  • Bachelor of Arts, Organizational Leadership

Be Seen ~ Be Heard ~ Be YOU!
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