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Gifts of Discovering You

Imagine Coming Home To The Person You Want To Be vs The Person You Have To Be  

Do you ever feel like you have to be a certain way in a particular environment or circle? Do you feel like if you were yourself, it would not be accepted? Could these feelings come from insecurities, or self-doubt? Imagine coming home to the person you want to be versus the person you have to be - this reality is within your grasp! We will team together to find the core of who you are. Let's unlock the blocks so you can become a true version of yourself. When you commit to doing your work, you will discover the beauty of you. I will encourage you, empower you and keep you accountable to YOU, your dreams and goals.  Is it time to find a path home? 

Headshot of Rosita Perez, owner of Moving Forward for Life, in pink shirt smiling

Leave Behind What Is Holding You Back

When you find yourself on a new path in life, whether it was planned or unexpected, usually burdens of your younger life are carried along with you. Old mindsets and pain from the past, familial ways and generation habits are heavy bags that have kept you down or distracted. Oftentimes these bags tend to keep you from moving forward. As your Self-Discovery Coach I partner with you to unpack, dig deep and bring clarity to your life. We will use methods to forge a path of letting go. Why is this important? It is essential to understand what holds you back in order to work towards a life without those limitations.  Imagine discovering your true value and distinct beauty so you can live YOUR best life!

Bring To Light What You Want In YOUR Life

Most people have no idea what they want in their life.  In fact, most of us settle until something tragic or painful happens or we get fed up! In the aftermath of big life challenges, it can be difficult to determine what you want or who you want to be. Should you move to another country? Should you stay close to home? Should you write a book or start a new career? You wonder, what is my purpose? Is my relationship healthy? The answers to your questions are within you. As a society we are too 'busy' and tend not to spend time studying ourselves. With my proven processes, I will be your partner and work with you to gain clarity, uncover blocks and help you discover your path home.

Dream Big and Make It Happen

As I talk with women, I learned many of us do not know how to dream. As I reflect back, I realize I was included in that group until I chose to learn. Take a moment and ask yourself when was the last time you dreamed - of your future, of what you would like in life, what you need in a life-long mate, and what are your passions? To me, dreaming are often visions of what could be! The dream or vision came to you - which means its already inside you. How exciting! One of the methods I use is S.M.A.R.T goals. This method has helped me, and others learn to bring dreams to reality. Did you know that when you create goals, set deadlines and have a plan, a dream can come to fruition? While it is nice to dream wouldn't it be so much better to LIVE your dream? 

Discover Your 'Perfect Place' To Live Your BEST Life!

Buying and selling your home is one of the big life events we experience.  And then include moving to a new home or a new place! Yikes! These are huge transitions and major milestones. How do you determine where your 'perfect place' is located? Could the place where you live now? On the beach, Italy or an island? This is a big purchase and should beautifully be suited for your life ~ not the life of your past. I will meet with you to unpack and team with you to discover what you are looking for, what is doable and bring clarity. I provide resources and work with you to set a plan. Remember, you are not just buying a house; you are coming home to a place where you belong and a home you love. 

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