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20 Ways to Protect Your Peace

Are you aware that as an adult the most important relationship we have is with our emotions, soul, and self?

The only way to connect to our soul, the deepest part of ourselves, is through our emotions. Our emotions connect us to the core of what we feel about life, others, and ourselves.

Essentially, our emotions are the inner voice of our soul and teaches us how to connect with our inner peace. Living in inner peace provides our body, heart, soul, and mind to be at rest.

Below are 20 ways to help keep your emotions and soul connected so you can protect and maintain your inner peace!

20 Ways to Protect Your Peace

1. I am devoted to surrounding myself with people and things that keep me centered.

2. I will stay connected to what inspires me.

3. I will quickly return to a point of soulful peace when I get anxious about situations.

4. I will not let anxiety rob me of happiness in the present moment.

5. I will not make any decisions while I am struggling with my emotions.

6. I will act according to my moral code to ensure that I treat myself and others with respect and honesty.

7. I will turn away from any feeling that defeats my peace of mind.

8. I will not allow anger to poison and damage my thoughts or relationships.

9. I am not going to worry about things I have little or NO control over.

10.I will walk away when I get angry and calm down.

11.I will consistently treat others as I would like to be treated – with respect, understanding and compassion.

12.I will not allow anger to take a hold of my soul and choices.

13.I will practice taking deep breathes to stay calm and in peace.

14.I will take time to think clearly and rationally before talking about a situation. I can think about the issue and arrive at a resolution.

15.I will keep myself away from feelings of guilt by living according to my conscience.

16.I will not let guilt occupy my soul.

17.I will live with integrity and out of interest for others’ well-being is healthy.

18. I will maintain strong relationships with myself and those around me.

19. I am committed to living through each minute with consciousness and presence of mind.

20. I will discover ways to free my soul from the discomfort of negative emotions.

Today, I am emotionally strong because I maintain a close connection to my soul. My life is fulfilling because I choose to surround myself with positive energy. It is wonderful to project goodness to the world.

The first step is the awareness of how emotions, inner voice and soul connect with inner peace. I encourage you to find a friend to keep you accountable and start with implementing at least one per week.

Keep working on it. Please don’t give up. Your inner peace is essential to your future.

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