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7 Ways To Connect with Your True and Authentic Self

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

With all that has happened in our world, the question I hear most is, "what is my purpose?" and "why am I here?" These questions take time to unpack and to understand self.

Though, "time" is a precious commodity that most of us women do not have - do you agree? Or could it be that we are not accustomed to asking for what we desperately need?

As I pondered this question, I began to unpack. For me, I inherited the mindset of being a 'strong woman' and this means I can do everything for everyone and keep going. Also, I am not weak, and I show strength. My times of fear and tears were alone and behind closed doors. I believe a common mindset for most strong women is that we are so accustomed to doing everything ourselves that we just keep doing it. From my own experience, I had difficulty asking for help and used to have a harder time receiving help. In my mind, if I ask for help, I am a weak person. This led to me being STUCK and kept me stuck for decades!!!

I finally woke up and realized we are ALL human. We are NOT meant to do life alone. We all need help and the act of receiving help is a humble and gentle place to be. Receiving gives us the opportunity to take care and nurture our beautiful self. Otherwise, we will crumble. But how do we do this? How can we take of self?

I asked one of my clients and she said this, "every woman needs a safe place where we can go through our emotions, feel our feelings without judgement or criticisms."

I completely agreed. We must take time to connect with ourselves. So, we can determine what refreshes our soul, what behaviors and mindsets need to adjust and then find the place where we exhale! This way we are refreshed to do life! Whoo hoo!!!

Understanding AND doing is what's needed released me from being stuck! Change is hard for most of us. I needed to have Faith I could make changes AND I needed to do the work to make it happen - faith without works is dead.

Awareness + Action = NEW mindset

This shift in my life was challenging. Through this I discovered my passion is to partner with women through this part of their journey. So, below are seven ways we can work together so you can connect with your true self, refresh and be your best self!!

1. Our meetings belong to YOU - to discuss what you want, need and want to achieve.

2. Provide a safe environment for you to express yourself without judgment, condemnation, or ridicule. When you share your secrets with me, I treat them with the confidentiality and utmost respect.

3. Help you to define goals, to identify what is important, and build plans to reach the target.

4. Help you to identify and overcome the limiting beliefs that stand in the way of achieving your objectives and living the kind of life you desire.

5. Self-awareness to help you become more aware of yourself and the reasons behind your actions, as well as your overall intentions. This will also boost your self-confidence.

6. Personal growth: acquire new abilities that can help you enhance your professional and personal lives, including time management skills, communication skills, and choices.

7. Keeping track of your progress: keep track of your progress so that you can learn from your experiences. This will help you to stay motivated and keep your momentum going. Celebrating success: celebrate your success along the way, this will encourage you to keep going and achieve even more.

Are you ready? When you are honest with yourself and take care of you, a confidence grows. Its then that YOUR voice is born and speaks from your authentic heart.

If you are unsure whether coaching is a good fit for you, please book a complimentary Clarity session. Let's spend some time to see where you currently are and determine where to go from there. There is no obligation. Book your Clarity session now

Let's start your journey today.

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