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Don’t Just Live Life ~ LOVE Your Life

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

Imagine you are standing over a hot stove exhausted from a day at work. Your kids are driving you crazy and your husband isn’t home yet. You this all life has to offer me? Your friend just came back from a cruise fresh, relaxed and loving life. You ask yourself, can I possibly love life too? Yes, you can. Would you like to know how?

Have a chat with Rosita, she is a Discovery life coach that not only helps you with that goal in mind, but works with you to bring out other goals you may not even have thought about. Imagine smiling more, enjoying life’s little moments and having more confidence to fully appreciate the wonderful woman you are. Experience more peace and meaning in your life. Take on more life experiences without feeling “bogged down” or self conscious. Be present and “in the moment” with your children. Wake up every morning excited to start the day. Ready to start loving life?

Rosita meets you right where you are and gently nudges you to move in the direction YOU want to go even if you are not sure where that is. She draws from her own experiences and expertise to empower you to make positive changes in your life.

Rosita’s process is simple:

  • Schedule a consultation to see if this partnership is a good fit.

  • Discuss how Discovery Life Coaching can help to define your new life

  • Work together to reveal what your definition of “loving life” looks like

Helping YOU is her priority. Rosita will work tirelessly with you to define and achieve your goals. She is someone you can trust. Just listen to what Dar Nebil has to say:

“Rosita listened and provided me with a safe place where I can be vulnerable and transparent. Her ability to be transparent with her own faults and overcome her own mistakes shows her demonstrated strength and that inspires me. I appreciate how she keeps a positive and joyful spirit and does not let the stress and pain take her down.”

Ms L. Bell says, “Rosita leads by example, with integrity and compassion as my life coach. I have blossomed with her fine guidance and care. It is with great honor, enthusiasm and pleasure to recommend her to you.”

The holidays are here! What better time than now to gift yourself with Rosita as your partner to bring out your joy this season. Meet with her in the comfort of your own home or anywhere you have an internet connection. You CAN love life You CAN be strong and confident. You CAN experience new joy! Schedule your complimentary thirty-minute Zoom consultation and get ready to love life!

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