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Focus on Things You Can Control

I’ve spent a lifetime wasting precious time and energy trying to control many things in my life. The funny thing is most of what I was trying to control, I never had control of.

The outcome? Frustration, stress, hurt, disappointment, annoying people, and wasting time arguing. The biggest factor is I lost precious time that I can never get back.

Very few things in life are under our control. I have finally accepted this and comfortable with it. In fact, now I enjoy it.

I’ve learned I only have control of me, my choices, behaviors, and my responses.

It means I only have a few things to focus on. I put energy and concern into those few things.

Let’s look at the things outside of our control:

the weather loved one’s choices

the opinions of others loved one’s actions

the behavior of others world events

traffic time and so much more

Worrying about things outside our sphere of influence only causes stress. You have a choice to be free of these emotions.

Worry is an emotion that makes us less capable.

When you catch yourself worrying, ask yourself, is there is anything you can do to improve the situation?

If the answer is no, then release your anxiety and choose to turn your focus to things that you can control.

Allow Yourself to Relax and Let Life Unfold

Focusing only on those things you can control will give you great power. You will have more energy to deal with the things that you can influence. This gives you much more control over your life. You can make changes in your life more easily.

Today, say to yourself

“I am freeing myself from pointless worry”.

“I am placing my attention on the things I can control.”

“I am relaxed, enthusiastic, and hopeful.”

Below are three self-reflection questions to help in this process:

1. What are my greatest worries right now? Is there anything I can do about them?

2. What are the things in my life I can control?

3. Am I willing to stop worrying about the things I am unable to control?

Yes, I know that doing the work to shift your mindset is not easy BUT, it is possible.

There are many benefits you will receive from shifting your mindset.

*energy to deal with the things you can influence

*control over your life

*Relief from daily stress

*Moves your thought process to more positive

*Frees you from frustration, hurt, and disappointment

*Get back time, a precious commodity

Though the biggest benefit is gaining the time to focus on discovering you! Take this time to learn how to love and accept the fabulous of who you are!

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