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Who YOU Are Is A Gift ~ Believe and Receive!

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

Give the best gift to yourself this year. A gift that you can give freely for any occasion that you naturally can give anybody that comes in your path. What is this gift? It’s YOU!

Picture this: You get to work, you greet everyone you pass by. Later that day, Jesse tells you how your greeting makes her day. You are confused and don’t know how to respond. You think “Aren’t you supposed to greet people as you pass them by? I didn’t do anything special.” But you did, and you are. Who you are matters to the people around you. Once you have a better understanding about yourself, you will see that as well and learn to give from a place of authenticity.

Who you are is a gift, speak it, believe it and receive it! Others see you as such, so should you. “How am I a gift?” Let me start by unpacking what a gift is, what it looks like and how you are one.

Let’s begin by the definition of a gift. A gift is a natural ability or talent. It’s a thing given willingly to someone without payment: a present. “A natural ability, hmm, that doesn’t sound like me. A present? No way.” If you think this way, I encourage you to attend Rosita’s free webinar on “Who YOU Are Is A Gift! On December 8th from 6:30-8:00pm.

A gift does not have to be in a physical form. Gifts come in all forms. The love of a spouse, your mom’s famous apple pie, your sibling’s natural ability to always make you laugh. There are also psychological gifts such as sunrises, majestic animals, feelings and emotions. So, how do you fit in as a gift? You would be surprised. You have qualities unique to you therefore, who you are is a gift.

Do you ever find yourself dropping off your child to school and forgetting your coffee on the kitchen counter? Or making dinner for your family and being too tired to eat? I know I have. I sometimes lose sight of what’s important. As women, we often DO take care of others first and neglect ourselves. However, just like when you are flying and the flight attendant says “Put your mask on first BEFORE helping anyone else” it is important we take care of ourselves. Part of taking care of ourselves is knowing that who you are is a gift and that you are worth making yourself a priority as well. Let Rosita walk with you on this road to seeing yourself as a gift and appreciate the gifts around you. Together, both of you can hash out the false beliefs that you have to put everyone else before yourself.

You don’t have to stop with “Who you are is a gift,” you can tackle other projects with Rosita as well. Having a discovery life coach does not mean you are faltering in life. It compliments and enriches how you live life. If you are looking to bring more meaning or wanting to live life to its fullest, rest assured, Rosita is here for you all the way and then some. Invest in yourself and discover just how wonderful you are. Partnering with you to discover Who you are matters to Rosita. Her client Gladys said “Coaching with Rosita gave me a better understanding of myself and gave me a sense of freedom.” She can do the same for you.

Come join the FREE workshop to learn, believe and receive who you are is a gift! Register now to join Rosita on Zoom December 8th from 6:30-8:00pm. You can meet with her in the comfort of your own home. December 8th is coming up fast! Why not start the holidays in a state of peace and understanding of who you are to make this Christmas more joyful and merry.

Receive this eye-opening opportunity and sign up today. Enjoy the peace of the season knowing that you have Rosita in your corner to help you slay your holiday! Feel free to look on her website to see all of her upcoming events.

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