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Hello and Welcome!

Thank you for visiting my website. I am Rosita, and I’d like to share how this website came to fruition. I went through a painful season in midlife. I was broken and lost. I had a choice to make– do I stay in the same place or do I do the work to grow. Each road has its own inherent pain. I was broken and desperate.  I was at my lowest low and like many of us, I called on God. It was time to face decades of my own pain, and yes, some self-inflicted.  My faith, my healing and self-discovery journey brought me to a place of humility.  As a result, I found my purpose.

As a Mindset coach, I bring a deeply personal journey of resilience and faith to my practice. Drawing from my own experiences of overcoming cultural norms, familial expectations, and personal grief, I guide women through transformative processes of self-discovery and healing. My approach blends practical tools with Christian faith insights, helping women break free from self-limiting beliefs, embrace their authenticity, and cultivate unwavering confidence.

If this resonates with you, know that you’re not alone, and I’m here to support you.

Central to my coaching philosophy is the belief that each woman has inherent worth and potential. I empower women to rediscover their voices, confront inner doubts, and step boldly into their true identities.


Through personalized strategies and compassionate guidance, I foster an environment where women can explore their strengths, navigate life transitions with clarity, and unlock new levels of personal fulfillment.

When you are ready to become Empowered, Confident, and Unstoppable feel free to book your complimentary Clarity call. 


It is your time.


It’s time to have the courage to face life's challenges and move forward! 

Let's do this together! 


What will you receive in your FREE Clarity call?

Gain Clarity on your Challenges

Identify your Goal

1 HOT Tip to move forward

Its uninterrupted time for you.

Gives you time to process your thoughts and dreams.

A safe space to speak your peace with NO judgement.

Hey beauty, you are reading this page for a reason.  Yes, YOU have the courage to make a real change!! 


Is it scary? Yes, it can be scary. From my personal experience, both paths have its own pain.

I had to be real with myself. I asked myself, "Do I want to be stuck in the same pain or grow through it to
a better place and better life? 

Here were my choices:

1) Continue living in the same pain and unhealthy patterns OR

2) Choose a new path, do my work and discover me so I could live present in life, with authenticity.

I chose #2 and now I'm here to partner with you, to hold your hand through the process so you can live a life of purpose and freedom!!  

Lets do this together! 

STEP 1 ~ Schedule your FREE 30-minute Clarity call  

STEP 2 ~ Determine where you are at right now and create a mini plan to move forward
 in your life

STEP 3 ~ Start your path to self-discovery build confidence, accept your inner strength & soar! 

Schedule your FREE Clarity call 

What is Mindset Coaching?

In the midlife season, your Mindset is imperative for your growth.  Part of an unstoppable mindset includes self-discovery.  This is where you do a deep dive to rediscover you. You will develop insights into what makes you unique. We'll have open and honest conversations, with a purpose to connect with the core of who are you.

We'll team together to help you:

  • Banish your negative self-talk

  • Feel IN CONTROL of your life

  • Take back your POWER

  • Free up the real estate in your mind that’s being consumed by noise 

  • Overcome indecision 

  • Make a plan for WHAT’S NEXT!

  • Define yourself without dependence on another person.

  • Learn to BE YOU, not just daughter, wife, mother, grandmother, or employee.

  • Positively IMPACT the world around you

  • and more... 

Words from Fulfilled Clients


Rosita leads by example, with Integrity and Compassion, as my Self-Discovery/Mindset Coach. Drawing from her personal life experience, extensive network of family, friends, business associates and communities, Rosita exemplifies dedication and commitment.  She intensely listens to me and helps me design an achievable path to my aspirations. Rosita possesses a calm demeanor, positive attitude and light-hearted wit.  I have blossomed with her fine guidance and care. It is with great honor, enthusiasm and pleasure to recommend her to you. With gratitude and kindness.

- L. Bell

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