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Rosita offers monthly online workshops completely free of charge.


In these interactive workshops, women are gently guided through the keys that can unlock their purpose iand enable them to live up to their fullest potential.

By the end of each workshop, her aim is for you to leave feeling not only inspired and empowered but also armed with the essential tools necessary to lead your UNSTOPPABLE life!

Dorez Seals

Rosita has given me tools to use on my journey. I used to try to solve issues on my own and stay private, but after coaching with Rosita, she has shown me that being coached is beneficial to my mental and spiritual self. Thank you Rosita for helping me learn to value myself!


Dr Faye Wilson

I am confident this workshop is destined to continue to transform lives around the world! I left the workshop truly blessed by the multiple insights and revelations.


I am always enlightened by what you bring forward and always gain a ‘Gold Nugget’ about who I am.
You absolutely have a unique way of bringing out the best in me and others by showing us how much we are worth in ourselves.

Click the link below to make sure you are notified for each workshop. 

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