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Can Long-Term Guilt Block My Peace and Hinder Me From Moving Forward In Life?

There are times when we say or do something that we may feel guilty for. Worst yet, maybe you did not mean it the way the person received it. It could all be a misunderstanding. But, when we sweep this guilt under the rug and not address it, pretty soon we have a huge mountain that takes over our mind. Ignoring the problem only makes it worse and seethes in our mind and spirit. I hope this blog encourages you to implement a new way to handle the guilt and FREE yourself from the block.

I'm not in control of other things, but I'm able to accept unexpected outcomes. I must shift my mindset to believe it's My Choice How I Respond.

As long as I follow my principles, I will feel comfortable with whatever happens.

Occasionally, unpleasant things happen, and I feel bad about what happens. However, feeling guilty isn't helpful. When I have no control over the outcome, I simply let my conscience be the judge.

My Actions Aren't Guilt-inducing For Me Anymore. Instead, I Forgive Myself. I remember I am Human and Humans make mistakes along the way.

It's important to learn from each situation. For Me, Self-forgiveness Involves Thinking About The Learning Experience. To reconcile with myself, I will use what happened to guide my future actions.

My inner voices tell me to let go of harmful emotions. My Conscience Guides Me.

Apology is a normal reaction when I'm the guilty party. I can set aside my own ego and focus instead on the person I have hurt. It's fine to apologize and excuse myself from guilt. This approach demonstrates I am mature and strong. I will remind myself that I had the courage to do my part and ask forgiveness, I am not responsible for the persons reactions or feelings. Also, apologizing and forgiving myself affords me the opportunity to freely move forward.

In the present, I can live a peaceful life without carrying around unnecessary guilt for a long period of time.

These Are the Questions I Will Ask Myself:

  1. What do I feel guilty about?

  2. Will hanging onto the guilt serve you? In what ways?

If you need help and/or clarity on how to move forward, go to my website and hit 'Book Now" button to schedule a FREE Clarity call.

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