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What Should We Let Go Of? 4 Preconceived Beliefs

There are several things in life that tend to hold us back. One of them are nagging thoughts that creep up when we want to move towards a new career or implement personal goals. Are you aware that preconceived beliefs hold you back from being the best you possible? These beliefs can stop you from stepping out and taking needed risks. Your growth should not hinge on faulty views of yourself and your abilities. Instead, shift your mindset to grasp the new reality that you can attain any goal when you let go of your preconceived beliefs.

4 Preconceived Beliefs That Hold You Back

Isn't it funny that when you decide to grow personally or professionally, you may immediately stop as doubt floods your mind. Then doubts neighbors creep in. Neighbors like insecurity, lack of confidence and fear. These feelings often come because you have preconceived beliefs that you will not be successful. It could be possible that your preconceived beliefs are from family upbringing as well as family saying to you “this is how things have always been done in our family”. As a side note, it is essential to dig deep and find the root of your preconceived beliefs with a licensed therapist. As you unpack where the root stems as well as the reasons why, you will on a healing path! Once you realize that these ideas are holding you back, you have everything you need to start your success journey.

Are you ready to do your work and let go of these 4 preconceived beliefs?

1) Lack of Experience:

How often will you let an opportunity pass you up because you didn’t feel like you had 100% of the requirements?

You will never know unless you move forward and take the risk. How else will you gain experience if you don’t try?

The willingness to learn is the best skill you can have to thwart any lack of experience.

You have the power to dismiss this belief.

Just go ahead and apply for the new position or take the leap into a new adventure.

2) Lack of Education:

Since the beginning of time, we have had the challenge of comparing ourselves to others. There is no need. We are each uniquely created. We each have different talents and gifts. Instill the mindset that you are enough.

Sometimes we tend to imagine that a co-worker is better than you or seems lightyears ahead of you in the intelligence arena, but the reality is they are not. Here is where you can state and repeat all your gifts and talents.

Your mindset is a powerful thing. It is our own thoughts that allow others background to affect your confidence and tell yourself that you don’t have the right degree.

Many times, digging in and trudging through the trenches gives you more education than a college degree. Experience is always the best teacher.

3) Wrong Time:

You are looking for the perfect time to start your blog or take up skydiving.

You calculate and plan, but you never execute. Why is that?

Remember, the best time to start anything is now because time will keep moving even if you are standing still. Do you want to look back a year from now and see that you have not made any progress? The should’ve, would’ve and could’ve tend to hold you back. Take a step forward with your best effort.

4) Too Much Knowledge:

If you believe you have reached the pinnacle of what you can learn, consider revisiting that idea. Life if full of changes. We adjust through every trial and challenge. In these challenges, we change as well. We discover things about ourselves we did not know.

It is of benefit to always choose to learn – whether the subject is you, a new skill, a new habit or a new adventure remember Knowledge is power.

This belief can also keep you from growing as a person. Instead, look for new adventures that take you out of your comfort zone. You may find you still have lots to learn.

I encourage you to take time to discover you and all the beauty you have within!! Make a commitment to show up for you! Learn what things hinder you and your growth and then one by one let go of things that hold you back.

Embrace the path of continued growth when you ditch your preconceived beliefs.

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